Bob and Jerome McGovern

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In Memoriam of Bob and Jerome McGovern

In Memoriam 70th Anniversary 1951-2021 The McGovern Brothers Bob and Jerome

1st Lt. Robert Milton McGovern

1st Lt. Robert Milton McGovern

January 24, 1928, Washington, D.C.

January 30, 1951, Korea

Congressional Medal of Honor

Purple Heart

119 Camp McGovern
2nd Lt. Francis Jerome McGovern

2nd Lt. Francis Jerome McGovern

October 4, 1929, Washington, D.C.

February 10, 1951, Korea

Silver Star

Purple Heart

John Halsey and Marguerite Warner McGovern had six children: John Halsey, Jr., Margaret Jane, Robert Milton, Francis Jerome, Charles Warner, and Elizabeth Ann. Bob and Jerome, like the others, grew up in the Petworth section of Washington, DC. The McGovern Brothers attended St. Gabriel’s Grade School and St. John’s College High School that was then located at 1225 Vermont in downtown DC. They then went off to Officers Candidate School and later deployed to Korea, where they both were killed in action within eleven days of each other in 1951.

The oldest McGovern brother, John, is retired and living in Silver Spring, Maryland. Jane died in May of 1983 at fifty-seven years of age. Charles is also retired and living in Columbia, Maryland and Elizabeth Gough resides in Macungie, Pennsylvania.

On the following pages, you will find photographs of Bob and Jerome along with links to several Web sites relating to their heroic actions in Korea over seventy years ago.


This site was created on October 4th, 2004 (Jerome’s 75th Birthday) to honor the memory of two brave young men who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. It is an attempt to keep their legacy alive for family, friends, and those who may have served with them over the years.

John Halsey And Marguerite Warner McGovern

If you had the good fortune to have known either Bob or Jerome from your days in Washington or time spent with them in school or the military, we would appreciate hearing from you. 

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